Comfort Food at Home

Comfort Food at Home

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! After pigging out on WAY too many Easter eggs, I’ve decided to skip baking this week (for the sake of my waistline), so unfortunately there won’t be any new recipes this week. Fear not, I will be back with a new cookie recipe next week!

I thought I’d do a post about my favorite comfort food meals that I make for my family. Dinner is definitely the most important meal for me. I’m not a big breakfast eater (mainly just cereal or coffee & biscotti) and I’m not really that fussed about lunch, unless I’m eating out at a nice restaurant. So dinner is the biggest meal of the day in my house. I am trying to lose weight, but I can’t bring myself to eat salad or veggies every night, so I do indulge a bit in my midweek comfort food (midweek, weekend, whenever really!).

One of my absolute favorite meals is the humble burger. I love making fresh beef patties or spicing a perfectly succulent chicken breast and topping it with cheese, tomatoes, pickles, onions and homemade burger sauce. This is definitely my ultimate comfort food! To make it complete I usually add some oven baked fries or homemade onion rings.



Another firm favorite is Italian food. Mainly pizza and pasta. I make homemade pizza every second Friday night and I usually end up making pasta once a week. I love simple pizzas and pastas. My go-to topping for pizza is Parma ham and I love any pasta in a creamy sauce topped with Parmesan cheese!



We’ve also become rather big fish eaters. If you had told my teenage self that I would be indulging in seafood as an adult, I would have fallen on the floor laughing. I used to hate the stuff. Now, there’s nothing better than some good old fish & chips (with tartar sauce of course)!


And last, but not least, is our love of Asian food. We get major cravings for chow mein, sweet & sour or a good Thai meal. When it comes to Asian food, the simpler the better. I love simple Asian flavors made with only a few ingredients. One of my go-to midweek Asian comfort meals is a cheat’s version of a Korean beef bowl (made with ground beef, soy sauce, sugar, spices, spring onion and rice). It’s SO simple and extremely yummy!


Obviously, there are many, many more comfort meals that I absolutely love, but these are definitely in my top 10! I’d love to hear what your favorite comfort meals are, so please get in touch with me!

My Week in Dinners

My Week in Dinners


Easy mushroom and bacon Alfredo sauce. It’s such a simple and delicious sauce to make for any pasta (I used penne). Cream cheese and a bit of cream make up the base of this yummy sauce.


Angelfish fish fingers with oven fries and a side salad. I love Angelfish because it’s a very meaty fish and is cheaper than Hake (in SA). I just sliced the Angelfish up and coated it in cornflake crumbs, then shallow fried it and finished it in the oven for about 10 min. I also made a quick tartar sauce (mayo, dijon mustard, diced onion & gherkin, pepper, lemon juice and gherkin juice).


I love my chicken pot pie. It’s creamy and comforting. I use diced chicken breast because it cooks quicker and is a bit leaner. The gravy is just made up of white wine, chicken stock, whole grain mustard, thyme and some cream. Delicious!


Quick and easy chicken and guacamoleĀ tacos. I do cheat a bit and use Old El Paso crunchy taco shells and their taco seasoning. It’s a quick dinner that requires minimal cooking and time (only have to grill the chicken strips). It’s satisfying and budget friendly.


Every 2nd Friday night is burger night in our house. I usually alternate between chicken and beef. This week we had a cheeseburger topped with awesome onion rings. The onion rings turned out great (I could have eaten a whole bowl of them). I just soaked the onions in buttermilk and dredged them in seasoned flour, then shallow fried them (I don’t want to buy a deep fryer because I’m scared I might try to deep fry everything!). The burger was scrumptious.

My Week in Dinners

My Week in Dinners

This week has been a bit all over the place. We did a road trip to Kimberley on Monday and only came back late on Wednesday night, so most of the week has consisted of fast food (pizza and KFC). I did manage to actually cook 2 meals this week! Next week will be back to normal, so I’ll have at least 4 or 5 photos next week šŸ˜Š

My “fried” chicken strips. Light coating of buttermilk and seasoned flour, shallow fried and then finished in the oven. Very yummy and not so messy!

Every Friday night in our house is either pizza or burger night. This Friday was pizza night. Instead of making 1 large pizza, I decided to try something different and make 4 individual “bakery” style pizza. This time we did Parma ham, pineapple, fresh onion and basil. Really loved the individual pizza, so I think this will definitely become a staple in our house!