Vintage Posters

Vintage Posters

I love my small collection of vintage posters! Most of them are 1960’s reprints of original Alphonse Mucha posters (I have a slight obsession with his work and everything Art Nouveau).


These 3 are my favorites, they proudly hang above my bed. I have 10 in total, 4 hang in my lounge and 3 others are currently unframed because I don’t have enough space for them yet 🙂



These 2 are part of the nine 1960’s reprints which my fiance miraculously found a few years ago. Obviously I would love to find original posters, but when it comes to paper collectibles, that can be quite difficult (and incredibly expensive). I’m happy to settle for new reproductions because they add pops of color to any room.


This is a new reproduction that I bought from eBay (really cheap) about 2 years ago. It’s my favorite Mucha poster 🙂

These vintage (and vintage style) posters add a touch of quirkiness & character to any style interior, whether it’s ultra modern or more traditional. I’ve found some great examples of how to use these awesome pieces of art, in any room, from Houzz (I love this App). Hopefully I can give you some inspiration to add 1 or 2 posters to your own home!

Love the use of different sized posters on this wall display.

The posters add some vibrant color to a white & cream bedroom!

Looking super chic in a modern style living room.

Perfect look for a contemporary staircase wall display.

Adding some quirkiness to a shabby chic interior.

Adding some awesome character to sleek, modern interiors!



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