My Week in Dinners

My Week in Dinners


Easy mushroom and bacon Alfredo sauce. It’s such a simple and delicious sauce to make for any pasta (I used penne). Cream cheese and a bit of cream make up the base of this yummy sauce.


Angelfish fish fingers with oven fries and a side salad. I love Angelfish because it’s a very meaty fish and is cheaper than Hake (in SA). I just sliced the Angelfish up and coated it in cornflake crumbs, then shallow fried it and finished it in the oven for about 10 min. I also made a quick tartar sauce (mayo, dijon mustard, diced onion & gherkin, pepper, lemon juice and gherkin juice).


I love my chicken pot pie. It’s creamy and comforting. I use diced chicken breast because it cooks quicker and is a bit leaner. The gravy is just made up of white wine, chicken stock, whole grain mustard, thyme and some cream. Delicious!


Quick and easy chicken and guacamoleĀ tacos. I do cheat a bit and use Old El Paso crunchy taco shells and their taco seasoning. It’s a quick dinner that requires minimal cooking and time (only have to grill the chicken strips). It’s satisfying and budget friendly.


Every 2nd Friday night is burger night in our house. I usually alternate between chicken and beef. This week we had a cheeseburger topped with awesome onion rings. The onion rings turned out great (I could have eaten a whole bowl of them). I just soaked the onions in buttermilk and dredged them in seasoned flour, then shallow fried them (I don’t want to buy a deep fryer because I’m scared I might try to deep fry everything!). The burger was scrumptious.


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