A Food Lovers Weight Loss Journey Begins

A Food Lovers Weight Loss Journey Begins

As you’ve probably noticed from my previous posts, I’m a bit of a food addict. I love food. I love cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate (LOVE IT), ice cream, pizza, burgers, pasta, fried foods, cereal, sweets, crisps, fries, etc. Okay, okay, so “a bit of a food addict” might be a gross understatement! Food is my passion. Generally there’s nothing wrong with that, but it does become a problem when you’re trying to lose weight (sigh….).

The truth is that I’ve always had an “all or nothing” approach to food. As a young kid, I was very skinny (mainly because I didn’t really eat anything). Then I hit 4th grade and my weight increased dramatically. I started eating everything in sight (comfort eating I guess). I become overweight and I stayed this way for the next few years. When I was 16 I had finally had enough and decided to join a gym and started to eat healthily. By 17, I had turned into a gym bunny & health food fanatic (dry tuna salads still haunt me to this day!). I thought my lifestyle was great, until I met my boyfriend (now fiance) when I was 18. He didn’t understand (and couldn’t stomach) the health food obsession. Obviously, I was madly in love and decided that I should start to ease up on my diet so we could enjoy our dates more. Fast forward 10 years and I’m now struggling with my weight again (I love teasing my fiance by telling him that I was thin before I met him, HAHA). The strange thing is that I don’t actually regret the weight gain because it’s made me realize that I’ve always struggled with the concept of moderation (why only eat 1 cookie when there’s a whole box) and this needs to change.

I’m now on a mission to lose weight and feel healthier, but still enjoy my food. I’m really not prepared to give up good food (and treats).

So, the game plan is this: Exercise, MODERATELY 4 – 5 days a week, eat a MODERATELY healthy diet during the day and ease up at dinners, so I can still enjoy myself in the kitchen. I’m still going to enjoy my sweet treats every week, but I’m going to eat them in MODERATION.


(Love Jillian Michaels dvds. They’re 30 mins each, so it’ll be a good workout)


(Hopefully lunches like this will help me along my journey)


(I’m still going to enjoy some cheesy goodness once a week)


(And 1 of these bad boys! Note that I did say “1”)

I’m hoping my new approach to weight loss will pay off and I hope to be sharing my weight loss success with you soon!

I really hope that as I embark on this weight loss journey (as a food addict), you’ll maybe find some inspiration from it as I keep you updated along the way 🙂


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