Kimberley Road Trip

Kimberley Road Trip

This week we did a road trip to Kimberley in the Northern Cape. We ended up doing a 1700km round trip! We left on Monday at 3 in the morning and our first stop was breakfast at Harrismith (you can’t really have breakfast at 3am, so 6am felt more appropriate). After chowing down at Wimpy, we then had to make a 300km detour to Johannesburg to drop off a Spirit of ’76 pinball machine. Once we had offloaded this super cool machine, we were on our way to our final destination, Kimberley. On the road, we stopped at a few small towns along the way (there’s a small town almost every 50km, so that made the drive a bit more bearable). After hitting a major storm about 1 hour out from Kimberley, we had finally arrived at our hotel at 6pm (seriously long day!). After having a quick dinner, we passed out from exhaustion!

We spent most of Tuesday at a secret location, looking at (and buying!) some vintage arcade stuff (seriously cool stuff and I’ll post pics once we have restored it). We did manage to take 1 hour off to visit the Big Hole Museum, which was an absolute treat. It’s a really well set-up and historically correct museum. They’ve managed to build an old town around the main visitor center and have some really cool old shop displays. We had a blast walking around this old town museum, drinking our Slush Puppies and taking photos of this little gem! This museum is well worth a visit if you’re in the area and entrance is free. If you want to see the Big Hole you’ll have to pay R 90 per person (we didn’t have any cash left after our earlier buying spree). Anyway, please check out some of the photos I took along the way!


















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