Wedding Cake Nostalgia

Wedding Cake Nostalgia

I love food. I mean, I really, really, really love food. Baking is definitely where my heart is. I loved it so much that I decided I should share that love, and in 2010, I did just that by starting a cupcake business. I wanted to focus just on cupcakes, but I ended up straying into the world of wedding cakes (even though I knew absolutely nothing about it). I bought some books on how to make wedding cakes, watched tons of YouTube videos and slowly taught myself how to construct and decorate them. I really enjoyed it at first. I was so excited when I got my first cupcake tower and tiered wedding cake order. It felt great to share my abilities with my clients.

Wedding1 (2)Wedding4

I started learning new techniques like working with fondant (and making my own marshmallow fondant), making sugar flowers and different piping techniques.

Matthew and Annies Wedding CakeTop-Durban-KZN-Wedding-Photographer-Jacki-Bruniquel-057Purple Cake Company My Fair Lady Cake

Unfortunately, as time went on, I started to dread making them. I’d get up on the day of baking and wish that I didn’t have to do it. Baking had become a chore. The stress of making wedding cakes had taken its toll. It got so bad at one point that I couldn’t even watch the Food Network anymore (that was definitely a low point). I just couldn’t do it. I made the difficult decision last year to stop making wedding cakes. I needed to go back to my first love, my original idea of old-fashioned & decadent cupcakes. After stripping my business back down to basics, I decided that it might be a good idea to start this blog and share all of my favorite recipes (food that I love to eat) and experiments with you.


Choc Mint Cream Sundae Cupcake



I really hope you can travel this blogging journey with me and score some sweet recipes along the way!


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