Good Stuff Skincare

Good Stuff Skincare

I first came across Good Stuff Skincare at a B&B in Joburg. They had some “Bee Natural” body lotion and I decided to give it a try. Best. Decision. Ever! The body lotion smelled amazing and it didn’t leave that sticky feeling on your skin that a lot of other body lotions do. That’s when my obsession with Good Stuff began.

The Bee Natural range includes body lotion, body cream, hand lotion, body wash and their awesome body mist/room spray. It keeps my skin moisturized and smelling lovely everyday. I’ve recently started using their new “Cool As Cotton” anti-perspirant deodorant and I absolutely love it. It smells great (you can still smell it at the end of the day) and it keeps you dry.

Good Stuff Skincare is an amazing South African product (based in Durban), it’s affordable and the best part about it is that it’s NOT tested on animals, so “beauty without cruelty”.

You can buy Good Stuff at Pick ‘n Pay & Dischem stores or check out the range on their website and Facebook page.


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